Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 19- Surgery Update

Ok update on surgery:
It went well, he has 3-4 small incisions that I can tell, he is pretty swollen. It took them 3 hours. He has a drain coming from his face. They have given him Percocet, Dilaudid, and oxycodone for pain. We see the surgeon next week and expect to have results then.

We are doing well.(Kaite and I got food poisoning from the cafe yesterday and finally we are better. Who would have thought you could get food poisoning from eating at the hospital?) ​Jacob is really irritated with the doctors and nurses and other staff bothering him. He is not really resting well. He was awake every hour during the night, up for a bit at 2am and up for good at 5am. He went 22 hours with no pain medicine and we finally got him to tell us he needed some, not sure why he wont ask for it, I guess he is trying to be tough or he doesn't like feeling drugged. The primary doctor came in a bit ago to check on him, she said we will see her on Monday and we could have results by then, possibly. She was not sure how long the surgeons wanted the drain in, we should see one of them soon today.

Jacob received a netbook from the Commercial Appeal so we can keep up with this site and he can talk to people. He is very greatful!!!! He also received a Gameboy Game from his Mimi and a shirt and hat from Ms. Holt. He wants to send special thanks to everyone.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support and special Thanks to My sister Rachel for taking care of Kaite while she was feeling under the weather, and for taking care of my 4 legged child Duke, and for taking care of us while we are here. I want to send special Thanks to my Uncle John for coming to check on us and taking care of Jacob. I also want to send a big thank you to my sister Leslie and her family for taking care of my little furry baby Bella(I hope she stops crying, soon I know she misses her cuddle buddy Duke.)

Well thats all for now, if I missed anyone Im sorry!
I will post update when we hear from the surgeon.

Peace, Love, Prayer!

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