Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 11- Lots of New Information from St. Jude Appointments

Today was completely long, hectic, and totally overwhelmin​g. Met a lot of amazing doctors and special people that will be joining us on Jacob's Journey. Today we had Assessment, Labs, New Patient Intake, New Patient Screening, met the ENT Surgeon, Child Life Therapist, met with people in the Surgery Clinic, and the Social Worker. Now we are at the Memphis Grizzlies House and its great!!!! To​morrow they have added more testing and appointment​s. Jacob will be having a PET Scan tomorrow so they can find out if there are anymore issues anywhere.

The ENT, Dr. Sandeep Samant, looked over Jacob's scans(CT and MRI) and informed us that there is bilateral lymph nodes in his neck that are of concern in addition to the masses in his face and neck. So Monday, latest, we will know if there is any more areas in Jacob's body that are of concern. And as of right now on Wednesday we will return to St. Jude for more tests and visits with the doctors before they do an open biopsy on Jacob at 9am on Thursday. Dr. Samant seems concerned and says the only way to get a definite answer is to go in a take the lymph node and a piece of the mass that is in Jacob's jaw area. At this time he will not be removing the Parotid gland(which is the mass that is measuring 9.5mm and the biggest concern.) They tell us that we should have simple results on Friday afternoon. They will do deep testing if they see anything in either specimen that is unidentifiable.

So for now, we are in Memphis until Saturday morning, then home to help Kaite get ready for her Valentines Dance and Jacob ready for his. Then we head back to Memphis on Tuesday for the schedule next week.

Will post more as I know more.

Peace, Love, and Prayer!!

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