Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 7- And So The Journey Begins...

From Sara:
Ok so its time to begin the journey. We are starting to get ready for our first trip to St. Jude. Reading the St. Jude web site for the list of things to bring, making sure the laundry is done, making sure that Kaite is packed to go stay with Leslie and Eric for an undetermine​d amount of time, making sure Jacob and I have what we need to go for an undetermine​d amount of time(Really thinking I may wait to talk to the Travel Office at St. Jude before we start packing.), paperwork, medical information​, phone numbers, and everything else. Wow its really a lot to take in and pretty overwhelmin​g. I took Jacob to get some slippers and new socks, the boy is really rough on socks, HAHAHA. Well just wanted to let everyone know what is going on with us right now. I will post when we know the details of our trip tomorrow. Sounds like we have our own travel guide, HAHAHA sure wish it was to Cancun or something. : )
Much Love.

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